Understand, manage and make the most of personality differences at work with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI®

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The MBTI® provides a consistent pattern of human behavior that identifies individual strengths and preferences and helps establish a self-development plan to grow in the right direction and achieve maximum potential. Self-knowledge is essential to improve management skills, optimize performance, become a better leader, generate results and become one´s best version.

Understand others better

Relating to people who are very different is not always easy. The MBTI® explains these differences and teaches that every type brings their own strengths. By understanding and respecting these differences interactions improve. What used to be a source of potential conflict now becomes complement and opportunity.

Helping individuals and businesses achieve their full potential…

with the MBTI®

What is the MBTI®?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator or more briefly the MBTI®, is a personality inventory designed to help a person identify some of their most important personal preferences.

The Indicator was created by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers during World War II, and the criteria used responds to the theory proposed by Carl Gustav Jung in his work Psychological Types.

Today it is the most widely used and respected personality inventory in the world.


About Us

Gabriela SchaumanFundadora

Gabriela Schauman


Founder of Tipologia Personal, Gabriela is an organizational consultant and facilitator with a degree in Communications from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, a Certificate in Management from the University of Florida, master studies in Organizational Development and a Certification in Organizational Coaching

After years in advertising and corporate communications, her interest centered on interpersonal communication and its difficulties leading her to the study of the MBTI®

Certified as a Practitioner in 1993 she has worked with thousands of individuals, groups and corporations both in her native Venezuela and internationally. She is fluent both in Spanish and English and understands and specializes in the multicultural nuances that impact businesses within the Latin American region. She can bring understanding and improve results through better working relations at the multinational level.

She has currently relocated to the Miami Florida area and is working to become a MBTI® Master Practitioner.

The Company

The Company

We are a consulting firm specialized in supporting organizations through the use of MBTI® type as the platform for organizational development. We offer your organization the opportunity to develop exponentially as it transforms personality differences into competitive advantage. The secret is to be true to type and develop everyone’s unique potential… even the organization’s itself.

Through effective interventions based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® we turn executives, managers and employees into people experts. By dramatically improving self-knowledge, communication and understanding amongst people, we maximize individual and organizational strengths. We help develop leaders and integrate and optimize teams. No other tool is so quickly introduced, easy to learn and so broad in its scope.

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How many times have we heard that personal issues should not be mixed with work. For some people whose personality type leans towards objectivity, logic and rationality, mixing personal issues and work can often seem…


After taking the Myers Briggs – the most widely used and respected personality inventory in the world – and learning new things about your preferences (your personal way of doing things) many people find that …

Team and task optimization 90%
Boards 70%

Management and leadership development 80%
Executive Coaching 67%

Study of Organizational Personality 75%

Goals Achieved
Happy Clients


  • Judith Gonzalez / VP HUMAN RESOURCES, Banco Exterior

    Validating the personality type of an organization generates a solid platform that greatly facilitates the coherence of efforts and results, aligning strategic planning, best practices and culture with the true essence of the organization

  • Matilde Leal / Director, CICO

    By itself or as starting point of a coaching process, the MBTI helps identify and validate preferences and trends of a person, offering valuable information about their strengths and likely growth areas

  • Isabel Díaz / Innovation Capability and Governance Section Head, P&G

    "Gabriela helped deepen our knowledge of the MBTI model used by our head office, leading us to better understand and take advantage of personality differences in our team"

“Since when is a copy better than an original? The MBTI® teaches us to be the best version of ourselves and to understand and appreciate others, even if they are different.”

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