Study of Organizational Personality

Study of Organizational Personality

Just like people, organizations have their own personality or type.

An organization´s type or personality in many cases is not the same of its founders, current CEO or the majority of its employees. Discovering and validating the organization´s type is an intangible asset of unmatched value and a solid organizational development platform.

When a company really knows who she is, the answer to questions such as – Where are we going? -How do we get there? -How should we behave? Is greatly clarified.

Identifying personality strengths and opportunities is the key o creating strategical and tactical interventions to achieve the full potential of the organization, preserving it over time.

Whether it´s an issue of growth, mergers, market challenges, change, marketing, engagement, climate or corporate culture, discovering and understanding the personality of the organization allows us to take appropriate action to generate powerful results.